Dog Collar Measurement Guide

Plain, Rolled, Laced, Whippet and Hound Collars*

Method 1 

Measure an existing collar that fits as you like it. This is the best method to get a good measurement. Please measure from the very end of the leather at the buckle to the hole that your dog wears the collar on (see image below). Please don’t measure the whole length of the leather. 

Method 2 

Measure around your dog’s neck using a tape measure. Put a finger underneath the tape but make sure that you can’t easily pull the tape or collar over the dogs ears from the fitted position. Now add 1" to the measurement i.e if you measure 16" you will need to order a 17" collar. This method is not as accurate as method 1,  if possible please use this method.

For laced collars* you need to add an extra 1/2" to the measurement to allow for the extra thickness of the collar.

Rolled collars* add another 1" to the above measurements to allow for the extra thickness.

Do contact us if you have any questions on measuring.

With both methods if you need to round the measurement go up rather than down as a slightly larger collar will be better than one that’s too tight!

*If you have a young dog you can have the size ordered at the smallest hole allowing for growth (by clicking the option) or order a slightly larger collar. Please note that your dog may still grow out of their collar.

Half Check Collars 

The sizes of these collars are for the leather part only excluding the chain which adds around 4”- 5” to the total collar length. 

Follow the steps in method 2 above to find your dogs collar size but now you need to subtract 2-3" as described below. 

We recommend that you order a half check collar that is a least 2” smaller than your dog’s collar size i.e. if your dog has a 16” collar size order a 14” collar. 

If you prefer a greater degree of check, order a collar that is 3” smaller than your dog’s collar size. i.e. if your dog has a 16” collar size order a 13” collar. 

Many customers like to use half check collars as a permanent collar however we don’t recommend this as it could get caught up on something causing injury when your dog is left unattended. 

As with all our collars there will be room to lengthen or tighten your collar as the size you order will be in the middle of five holes.