A Belting Guide!

How to measure 

1) Measure an existing belt.

This is the best way to measure for a new belt, lay your existing belt flat on a table try to get it as straight as possible and measure from the buckle, where the leather turns, to the hole you currently wear it on (as in the figure below). The current hole you use is normally the one that shows the most wear. If you’re unsure put the belt on and fasten it so it is comfortable, take note of which hole it is fastened on, remove the belt and measure from the buckle to this hole. 

If your belt is of a thin material please add 1/2” (16mm)to the measurement.

2) Use your waist/trouser size

a) If you don’t have a belt to do the above measurement then you can use your trouser size/waist/hip size but you need to add 2" (5cm) to this size to give extra room for your trouser/jeans waistline, clothes being tucked in and to take into account the thickness of the leather. For example if you have a 36" (91.5cm) waist size order 38" (96.5cm) belt.

If using your waist/trouser size make sure to take a measurement where the belt will sit as many trousers and jeans now sit on the hips. Your hip measurement can be more than 4” (10cm) larger than your waist size.