About Me (Lyndsay)

Awl by Hand is a small business run by Lyndsay Stanton, producing bespoke leathergoods in Felton, Northumberland. In fact it's a one man band (OK to be PC a one woman band)! 

Tools of the Trade!

After spending most of my life in the equine industry competing as a child, then working in various stables. In 1998 decided to enrol at Bishop Burton College as a mature student (mind you I was only 24 at the time so mature?) and gained a Bsc in Equine Science and Management. After leaving college I spent a few years working in an office but decided this wasn't for me and while looking for another 'proper' job went back to working in stables. 

Unfortunately or looking back probably fortunately, I injured my back so that was that. While trying to decide what was next for a career path I attended a leatherwork course at the Cumbria School of Saddlery with Master Saddler David May. You could say I was addicted to leatherwork after that and attended more training courses with David May. So what was going to be a hobby turned in to so much more.

Awl by Hand was set up in December 2009, with the aim of producing the best quality goods using traditional saddlers'methods, every item produced is cut, bevelled, stitched and polished by hand without the use of machinery resulting in the workmanship I am proud of. 

I really believe that the best items should be available to everyone and with this in mind I try to keep our prices realistic without compromising on the quality of the materials used. Many of my contempories use the same materials from the same source but with a higher price tag and fancy packaging. 

The workmanship and the quality of the product is what counts, speaks for itself and is what matters. After all wouldn't you the customer prefer a slightly lower price instead of fancy box? Let's face it the box will probably be thrown away!  

In case you are wondering what the awl is, it's the tool that's used to pierce the leather during hand stitching.