Whats Available in What!

Belts are available in all the colours listed below.

Bridlework is currently available in Black,Dark Havana, and Australian Nut. Head collars are available in all of the colours* listed.

Dog accessories are available in any of our colours. (see guidance below)*.

Bags and case are currently available in Dark Havana, Black, Conker and Red* (unless stated in the item description) 

*Please do note that while every effort to maintain colourfastness is taken there may still be some colour transfer especially in wet conditions. 

*All coloured leather will darken with age and exposure to the sun, this ageing is part of the beauty of leather. However please be aware that in the case of dog accessories and bridlework, due to the leather being outside in the elements, the coloured leathers will eventually revert to it's natural brown. The length of time this takes is dependent on the amount of 'grief' the leather sustains (this mainly refers to Red, however others are not immune).

The colours below may be a slightly different shade than pictured due to computer resolutions.