Covid-19 (coronavirus)

I would never have thought just a few months ago I would be sitting writing a message to my customers to reassure them of my situation regarding a pandemic of this magnitude. I like everyone else, have no idea what will happen in the coming days/months but decided just to write a short note. I will of course add on change any information if required.

I have now, as per government guidelines, reopened my workshop to the public with the obvious hygene precautions in place. Hand sanitiser is to be used by all people entering my workshop and any items handled are being taken off the self for a minimum of 72 hours and face coverings will be mandatory from the 24th July. I am also quarantining all items that come into my work shop again for a minimum of 72 hours although some smaller items can be UV sanitised prior to their use.

I do have rather ramdom hours at the moment due to family commitments so would suggest that if you wished to visit me in person email and check I will be open before making a special trip. I would prefer, if possible, customers order online. If you are local to me there is a collect in person option when checking out (click the arrow next to postage fees).

I would also like to reassure you that should you order any item and for any reason I cannot fulfill your order I will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a full refund or if it is possible for you to defer your order and I would then complete it as soon as I could.

I hope you all and your families stay safe and well.